New Company. New Adventure.
Introducing Elev8 Your Cause.

Elev8 Your Cause - Spring in the Rockies
Spring in the Rocky Mountains can be fickle. Yesterday was a typical Colorado bluebird day with the thermometer pushing 60 degrees. Today there are all the signs that a storm is about to roll in and leave a blanket of snow. That means our budding aspens and perennials will have to hit the pause button for a spell. But hitting the pause button can have more benefits than just allowing a quick bathroom break during movie night. Well, that is taking it quite literally. Have you ever thought about hitting the pause button, so to speak, on your career?

Elev8 Your Cause - Press Pause
That is exactly what I did with my career. I’ve been in Marketing & Sales for a wide variety of companies in the tourism industry – including ski resort, car rental, chamber and vacation rentals. How long? For “twenty five plus years”, which I say because I lost count at some point. (If I stop and do the math it’s been exactly 27 ½ years.) Although every 5-6 years I changed up the companies I worked for and kept up with new technologies and best practices, there was something missing. So I hit the pause button.

Elev8 Your Cause
I started a new company and new adventure. Elev8 Your Cause, simply put, is a company created to elevate the marketing efforts of causes. I’m now taking my expertise beyond bringing “happy vacationers” to our destination to focus on helping local causes to be stronger. It feels very rewarding to know that I’m using my diverse skill sets for a more meaningful purpose. There are so many worthwhile causes out there. Where to start?

Elev8 Your Cause
I’m finding organizations that have felt like they just shake the Magic 8 Ball™ for their marketing efforts, rather than develop and follow an actual plan for growth. Some could use assistance with big picture items like strategic marketing planning, keeping their brand consistent, public relations planning, and creating content calendars to keep their website/blog/social media “fresh”. Then there are those that just need a helping hand with managing their social media, updating their website, and running their email campaigns. Quite often by taking one or more marketing projects off the Operations Manager/Marketing Person’s plate, it allows them to focus better on the projects that are at the top of their list. We know it can be all too easy for “Do Marketing” to get pushed to the bottom of their checklist, although they consider Marketing to be very important.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you or an organization that you know? If so, we would welcome the opportunity to sit down and talk. We offer a complimentary 30 minute phone call or visit. By exploring your organization’s needs and challenges, we find those “silver linings” or opportunities where we know that we can help. No project is too big or too small. If we can’t accomplish the project in-house, chances are good that we work with a partner that can make it happen.

Speaking of partners, with Viseate’s web development talents we recently launched Phase 1 of our website to let folks know what it is we do. We encourage you to learn more and check back for new additions coming this summer.

We are just getting rolling with our blog (this is the intro post), and we have plans to share the local nonprofits’ programs and upcoming events, educational tips for nonprofits, and success stories that will warm your heart.

Elev8 Your Cause
Hitting the pause button allowed me to move forward, purposefully. Being able to elevate the efforts of organizations (nonprofits specifically) by improving their brand, marketing, and public relations, I believe together we can strengthen our community.

We encourage you to ask yourself the same question, “should I hit pause?” Maybe it’s on the remote of your organization’s marketing efforts, maybe it’s for your personal career, or maybe it’s for both. If you don’t have a big, yellow lab puppy to gently remind you when it’s time to go for his walk and take a break from your computer, just be sure to find your own time to reflect on this question. It very well could be worth it.

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