Project Overview: 

This nonprofit focuses on helping everyone living in our community access health care despite barriers (low income, mental health, etc.)

In the fall of 2018, Grand County Rural Health Network (GCRHN) contracted Elev8 Your Cause to coordinate their new series of community-wide trainings and summit, Healthy Grand County Summit. Event planning consisted of venue, catering, AV needs, translators (language and ASL), and childcare. Marketing efforts included post cards, newspaper advertising, social media posts, and swag items. GCRHN deemed the Summit to be successful with 100 attendees and coming in below budget.

Today, Elev8 Your Cause continues to work with GCRHN assisting with media buying, advertising design, social media posts, press releases, project coordination with 3rd parties, to name a few ways.

Contract Timeframe: March 2017-Present

Elev8 has handled all marketing including:

  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • Branding: Logo tagline, Vision, Mission, Anniversary Logos
  • Media Planning, Buying, Press Releases
  • Advertising Campaigns, Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing: Websites (updates and new site development coordination on and updates on, Blogs, Social Media, Video Storytelling (client stories)
  • Fundraising/Event Planning & Marketing: Virtual Fundraiser, Healthy Grand County Summit, Community Leader Cohort meetings (be a voice)
  • Also Diane Ehlert serves on their Long-Term Solutions Work Group


Project Samples: 

Sky-Hi News news release

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