Starting a new company is exciting and also a little scary. Being a marketing agency, it should be a breeze to get your brand started, right? So you’d think. There are all the business start-up tasks and the time it takes to dedicate to getting new clients, all while working with current clients to pay the bills. I couldn’t wait to get a logo designed so that I could move on to the more exciting website project.

Then came the tough part, that of selecting the best web developer for my company’s site. Mind you, I’ve worked with a number of developers over the years on a variety of new and revamped sites and have built some great partnerships. So how to pick who I wanted for my site?

Well don’t laugh, but I did the most illogical thing. I selected a company I’ve never worked with before. I wanted to find a new company to partner with who was not only talented in web development but also a plethora of other marketing skills. You know the way hard-core bikers typically have a quiver of bikes (mountain, road, crosstrek) in their garage to pick from for a ride, that is how I wanted to diversify my selection of partners.

I found that company.

It was through the good old word-of-mouth, a good friend’s recommendation. What’s the company called? Viseate! To my amazement, Viseate did exactly what their name means: /viz’ē’āt/ (v) to bring a vision into existence. I’m great at conceptualizing a new site’s design and functionality, but it takes the “techy types” doing their wizardry to develop the site. And I am no wizard. Viseate’s development process took me through the Q & A’s to determine everything from my objective for the site to what I like and dislike about other sites. To make the project more manageable for me, we broke the plan into three phases so I wouldn’t have to feel quite the pressure to get it done all at once.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with Viseate staff’s professionalism, dedication to getting things just right (even if it meant burying down a rabbit hole for a day to figure out how to code something unique I’d requested), and the quality of the finished product. The good news is we have finished Phase 1 and has launched!

What’s next for Elev8?
Phase 2 of the website included the blog, which you now know is getting rolling. For the blog posts we plan to focus primarily on Nonprofits’ News, Events, and Success Stories, with the occasional tips thrown in. Next on the To Do List we plan to add Nonprofits’ Events Calendar with popup windows for more details. Then last, but not least, some Show & Tell of our projects and Kudos from happy clients. If there is something you think would be beneficial that we should add to the site, we’d love your input!

What about your site?
Now answer this truthfully. When was the last time you actually looked through your own company’s website to review the content, images/videos, and design? How does it look on all devices? We’re always amazed how many sites don’t even have up-to-date contact information. We would recommend a thorough website review at least twice a year. It would be worth one of your staff member’s time or to have a third party critique it for you. Or perhaps you’re thinking maybe it’s time to freshen up your site’s design? Or maybe you’re in need of a completely new, user-friendly website?

Are you saying you don’t have the time to deal with web developers? That’s the beauty of working with Elev8. We take care of much of the conceptualization, art direction, and functionality concepts for you. Plus, I think we just might know a great website company that could develop the site you’ve been wanting – just for your company.

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